Research at Black Rock

The Future of Oak Forests Study This study is the first direct investigation of the cascade of impacts likely to follow from the loss of oaks, a key species group in the ecosystem of northeastern forests.


Mammals Module
Mammals and Habitats Module Toyota USA Foundation logo Students become citizen researchers by taking part in a longitudinal study to identify Black Rock Forest mammals in various habitats. Over the years, these habitats will emerge and be represented as colorful overlays over the Forest map. This project was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Toyota USA Foundation.


Open Lowland Station
Environmental Monitoring Network Six environmental monitoring stations automatically collect and compile data hourly via radiotelemetry at a base station in the Science Center. Live and historic data are available for education and research.
Hemlock Study Plot
Long-Term Plots The Black Rock Forest Consortium maintains eight long-term research plots where data relating to species composition and productivity has been collected since the 1930s.
The Stone House
Buildings at Black RockAs the Consortium is committed to sustainability, many Black Rock Forest facilities incorporate "Green Building" and "Smart Features." These include a Science and Education Center with a library and laboratories, a Forest Lodge for overnight visitors and a Solar Pavilion.