About this Site

The Virtual Forest Initiative supports and enhances research, education, and community activities at Black Rock Forest.  The forest, located 50 miles north of New York City in the Hudson Highlands, is a 4000-acre natural living laboratory for field-based scientific inquiry; it is operated by a unique consortium of colleges and universities, public and independent schools, and scientific and cultural institutions.

This site offers information and downloadable data connected to research projects conducted in Black Rock Forest, real-time data from sensor stations, updated views of the forest, and an interactive map of forest resources and activities to encourage exploration.  It also offers educators a growing suite of web-based learning tools that draw on Black Rock Forest's rich archive of scientific records, giving students an unprecedented opportunities to work with real data for comparative analysis.

By assembling and coordinating a broad array of information, data, and resources, The Virtual Forest Initiative aims to provide researchers, students, educators, and the public new means for learning about all aspects of a research and community forest. 


Supporters of the Initiative

Golden Family Foundation

National Science Foundation

Toyota U.S.A. Foundation