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Lamont Atmospheric Carbon Observation Project

Record Type: Research Project

Project Start Date: Jan. 1, 2010

Principal Investigators: Kevin Griffin, Diana Hsueh, Wade McGillis

Description: LACOP is a network of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and meteorological monitoring stations in the Northeastern United States. The project aims to monitor CO2 levels in urban centers as well as the surrounding rural areas at high spatial and temporal scales. From the mesonet of climate station data, we can better understand the basic physics, biology, and chemistry of the environment. Black Rock Forest was added to the LACOP network during the summer of 2009. Urban stations on average have higher CO2 concetrations than their rural counterparts, but there are instances where urban CO2 can be as low as rural CO2, depending on the season and meteorological conditions of the region. The urban heat island (UHI) effect is also apparent when assessing the climate of these stations. A 5°C + difference has been found between urban and rural sites at night.

Both of these projects provide a baseline of CO2 levels in and out of New York City and a means to consider looking at the effects of CO2 and temperature on the physiology and ecology of plants growing in this region.

Keyword: Climate Change, Environmental Science, Short-Term