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Land snails of Talus communities and update of land-snails distribution for NY State

Record Type: Research Project

Project Start Date: Jan. 1, 2010

Principal Investigators: Ken Hotopp, Tim Pearce

Description: Recent land snail inventories in New York State have led to the discovery of new state geographic distribution records for seven species: Carychium nannodes Clapp, 1905; Gastrocopta procera (Gould, 1840); Lucilla scintilla (R.T. Lowe, 1852); Striatura meridionalis (Pilsbry and Ferriss, 1906); Trochulus hispida (Linnaeus, 1758); Vertigo cristata Sterki, 1919; and Vertigo paradoxa Sterki, 1900. Most are native species of eastern North America, although T. hispida is introduced from Europe. These species were found mainly by field searches in a variety of habitats – roadsides, fields, forested rock talus and limestone outcrops, and coastal freshwater wetlands - but in one case through verification of specimens at the New York State Museum.

Keyword: Animals, Biology, Community/Population Ecology, Research, Short-Term