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North Slope Oak Forest Station

Record Type: Station

Activation Date: Jan. 1, 2010

Description: There are four environmental monitoring stations on the North Slope. As is discussed in greater detail here, the North Slope plots are part of a research project on the future of the oak forest.

Oak trees in the western United States have been suffering from Sudden Oak Death, which kills oak trees in a single season. The future of the oak forest project asks the question of what will happen to Black Rock Forest and similar east coast forest ecosystems if the disease spreads and there is widespread loss of oak trees. The disease has been simulated by girdling oak trees on more than twelve plots on the North Slope in Black Rock Forest.

There are environmental monitoring stations taking measurements for at least two of each treatment of experimental plot (all oaks girdled, half oaks girdled, non-oaks girdled, all trees girdled, and control). Each of the stations have two sensors 50 feet apart which measure soil moisture and temperature, and they each measure and record air temperature and solar radiation.

Keyword: Climate Change, Ecosystems, Environmental Monitoring Stations, Environmental Science, Forest Ecology, Long-Term, Long-Term Plots, Plants, Woody Plants (Trees and Shrubs)