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Ridgetop Station

View of the Ridgetop environmental monitoring station

The solar panel powers the Ridgetop station. The white tube shaped monitor slightly above it monitors air temperature and relative humidity. Above that are the solar monitors GSAR and PAR and the wind speed and direction monitor. The cage on the bottom right holds the rain gauge.

Measuring rain at the Ridgetop monitoring station

The rain gauge has a balance measuring device which seesaws back and forth as it fills up with rain water. Each time it spills represents one cubic millimeter of rain water.

Wind monitors at the Ridgetop environmental sensor station

The wind speed and direction monitors at the Ridgetop station.

Record Type: Station

Activation Date: Jan. 1, 1995

Archived Data: Sensor Data - Ridgetop Station

Description: The Ridgetop Station and the Open Lowlands Station were the first environmental monitoring stations built, in 1996. They measure the same data, the former on the ridgetop and the latter in the open lowlands, but they are located close enough to each other that the weather differences between them can be largely attributed to their different altitudes.

The station measures wind direction and speed, air temperature, soil temperature at 10cm and 20 cm below the ground, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and rainfall. It also measures solar radiation both directly from the sun (PAR) and from what is reflected back to earth from the atmosphere (GSAR). It is powered by solar panels.

Keyword: Environmental Monitoring Stations