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Cascade Brook Stream Station

View of Cascade Brook Stream Station

The stream just before the Cascade Brook Stream Station. The wooden box on the left houses the monitoring equipment.

Cascade Brook station radio repeater

The information that the measurement station collects is relayed to a radio repeater on the Hill of Pines, which sends the data to the Science Center.

Solar panels at the Cascade Brook Stream Monitoring Station

The station is powered entirely by solar panels.

Record Type: Station

Activation Date: Jan. 1, 2010

Description: All of the runoff from Glycerine Hollow flows down and joins the brook where the Cascade Brook Stream Environmental Monitoring Station is located. The water continues to flow down through West Point Military Reservation and empties directly into the Hudson.

The monitoring station includes a probe which records the dissolved oxygen (a measurement of the amount and productivity of the plant life within the water), pH (acidity/alkalinity, which affects the ability of animals to live in the water), temperature, and conductivity (salinity) of the water. These measurements give a sense for the health of the stream and the ecosystem surrounding it. It also has a V-notch weir which measures the amount of water flowing over it and converts that into cubic meters per second.

The station is powered by solar panels, and sends its data back to the Science Center via the repeater station on the Hill of Pines.

Keyword: Chemistry, Ecosystems, Environmental Monitoring Stations, Forest Ecology, Long-Term, Water