Black Rock Forest Consortium

William Schuster, Executive Director

Jeffrey Kidder, Director of Education

Katherine Pavlis, Research Associate/Environmental Educator

Matthew Munson, Data/Network Manager

Frances Schuster, GIS Mapper


Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

Frank Moretti and Maurice Matiz, Executive Producers

Lucy Appert, Producer

Khoi Nguyen Truong, Project Manager

Susan Dreher, Jonah Bossewitch, Anders Pearson and Eddie Rubeiz, Developers

Zarina Mustapha, Marc Raymond and Rachelle White, Designers

Stephanie Ogden, Michael DeLeon, Therese Condit, Jon Hanford, Videographers

Previous Contributors: Alice Cox, Katherine Hagan, Rob Garfield, Elizabeth Day, Mark Phillipson, Ryan Kelsey


Columbia Center for Digital Research and Scholarship

Rebecca Kennison, Director

Previous Contributors: Patrick Force, Eva Cunningham, Risa Karaviotis


Columbia University Libraries

Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen, GIS Map Librarian


Adams Environmental Services

David Adams, President