Welcome to the Tree Growth Module!

The tree growth graphing tool is a resource for instructors looking to develop students' data interpretation and analysis skills using real-time tree growth and environmental data from Black Rock Forest.

In the Summer of 2016, 5 point dendrometers were installed on oak trees in each of two sites in Black Rock Forest. The dendrometers monitor changes in the diameters of the tree stems, 1.4 meters off the ground. We are measuring the diameter every 60 seconds and then recording the 20 minute average. Environmental conditions at Black Rock Forest including air temperature, total rain, soil moisture and atmospheric vapor pressure, are also recorded nearby on the same 20 minute intervals. These real-time measurements are collected and displayed on the tree growth graphing tool, making it possible to "watch trees grow" and relate the changes to the ambient and antecedent environmental conditions.

Highlights of the tool include:

The tree growth graphing tool was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kevin Griffin and Dr. Matt Palmer at Columbia University.